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                Clothing motif-036

                Size: Customed
                Use: Garments-Tshirts,handbags,shoes,hats etc


                Design No. :Clothing motif -036
                Material :Hotfix glass rhinestone
                Heat Press Time:15-20 Sec
                Heat press TEM:175 C
                Categoryhotfix motif

                50 pieces for each design

                YBL Fashion(QingDao)Co.,Ltd is one of the leading global suppliers of the hot fix motifs products in China, we own three specialized production production lines in Qingdao supplying all kinds of rhinestone and rhinestone designs, in our design Dept ,there are more than 10 experienced designers and monthly supply capacity more than 266,000pcs.

                * Notice of Clothing motif-036:

                *We have tried our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear at the site . However, we can’t guarantee that your minor’s display of any color will be accurate ,because the actual colors you see will depend on you monitor . All motifs colors are subject to our standard color chart . The pictures only supply reference .

                *Property in copyright , you may not operate our motif design completely or partly without our permission .

                *For more detailed Motif products designs and information,please email us at marketing@yblfashion.com or info@yblfashion.com

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                Test Report

                Contact information

                • YBL Fashion(QingDao)Co.,Ltd.
                • Address:No.14 Of GuMiao Industrial Park,Chengyang
                • Telephone:86-532-68003910ext813
                • Sales Manager:Cindy Zhang
                • E-mail:info@yblfashion.com
                • Zip code:266109