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                Size: Please refer to the color card
                Use: Garments-Tshirts,handbags,shoes,hats etc

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                Color No. :Rhinestuds-008
                Quality:Korean Quality
                Colors Available30 kinds of colors are availableolors Available
                MOQ1bag for each size and color

                * Notice of Rhinestuds-008 :

                *We have tried our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear at the site . However, we can’t guarantee that your minor’s display of any color will be accurate ,because the actual colors you see will depend on you monitor . All motifs colors are subject to our standard color chart . The pictures only supply reference .

                ?*Property in copyright , you may not operate our hot fix motifs design completely or partly without our permission .

                *For more detailed Motif products designs and information,please email us at marketing@yblfashion.com or info@yblfashion.com

                Heat Transfer Rhinestuds-004

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                Contact information

                • YBL Fashion(QingDao)Co.,Ltd.
                • Address:No.14 Of GuMiao Industrial Park,Chengyang
                • Telephone:86-532-68003910ext813
                • Sales Manager:Cindy Zhang
                • E-mail:info@yblfashion.com
                • Zip code:266109